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The card said, “Go Now.” I stared at it and my jaw dropped. How did the angels know that less than an hour before I was nonchalantly chatting about when to leave my full-time job? I was thinking “in a few years” but the angels thought differently. So, I quit.

This is what it means to be divinely guided in life, even in matters of career direction. In my work as a university career counselor, I was constantly empowering students to listen to their heart, follow their intuition, and pursue their true calling. It was a job that I loved immensely and felt a deep connection to.

As a sophomore in college, I actually went to this same career center for help. I was all over the place, declaring and un-declaring majors faster than Scarlett O’Hara on a loop GIF.  It wasn’t until I met a career counselor that I realized the answer was in me all along. I just needed to listen to and trust my own voice to guide me, regardless of external pressures and the unknown future.

I learned then that whatever fed my curiosity, made me excited to learn more, and motivated me to do better was the right path. This simple method led me to pursue my doctorate in counseling psychology, give back to the career center that helped me, and infuse yoga teachings into my career guidance. 

Over the course of 12 years I worked with over 10,000 students. Do you know what contributed most to my professional growth? My personal development: my yoga teachers, stack of self-help books, hours of therapy, law of attraction, and self-love. The deeper I inquired about who I am, the easier and better my work became!

​It felt so profound to be able to sit across from a student and see their soul. We didn’t have conversations about salaries and raises. We talked about life purpose, dreams, and fears. It was truly an honor to be a part of each of their paths.

As I left the comfort of my university home, I said goodbye and thank you to colleagues who felt like my family and students who felt like my children. As sad as I was to leave the university, I was also excited about what was to come.

I was already getting daily inspirations of how I could inspire others:

* People need more self-compassion and rest, then they will come to trust their instincts. Career retreats for women. Career retreats for men!

* People need to embrace the unknown and have fun exploring career options. Life is supposed to be an adventure. Career cruises and international trips!

* People need to learn how to make brave decisions and not let false illusions misguide them. Career Zen books and Yoga presentations!

* People need to know they’re not alone. Lots of folks have questions and I can help! Career classes and consultations!

My shaman teacher Alberto Villoldo says that the universe will respond to you 100% of the time, but you have to be willing to respond to the universe 100% of the time. When I drew the “Go Now” card, I knew the angels were right and I had to practice what I preach.


Today I am grateful to do what I love & love what I do! 

Lynn Chang received her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Colorado State University in 2003, and has worked as a university career counselor, adjunct professor, guest speaker, therapist, psychometrist, and body image researcher.

For over a decade she has been infusing her Western psychology training with Eastern practices of yoga and meditation. She loves sharing this inspired wisdom to empower everyone to LOVE WHAT THEY DO and DO WHAT THEY LOVE!

Learn more about Lynn Chang and Career Zen here.

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