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Listening to Smile – Ian Morris

Location Charleston, South Carolina United States
Language: English
Availability: International
Website: listeningtosmile.com

Photo of Listening to Smile – Ian Morris

Change Your Vibration, Change Your Life

Listening to Smile is a unique sound wellness/healing modality developed by Ian Morris. Ian is a multi-instrumentalist, artist, and intuitive healer who has been working in the creative arts field for over 15 years. He has developed an intuition-based creative and musical synergy that are the building blocks for the development of Listening to Smile.

Listening to Smile’s focus is to use the power of sound and vibration to target core issues in the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies, restoring personal balance and flow into everyday life.

These channeled tones include frequencies based around Solfeggio Harmonics and Schumann resonances woven with Listening to Smile’s proprietary blends of groundbreaking sound technology.

Listening to Smile’s mission is to utilize uniquely created musical tones and frequencies based around Solfeggio Harmonics, Schumann resonances and other sacred concepts of sound and vibration in order to modulate focus, mood, emotional state, and physical well-being. To explore frequencies as a tool to facilitate harmony of mind, body and spirit.

Services and programs offered through Listening To Smile:

Sonic Meditations – Group Sound Healing designed to create a one of a kind sound/vibrational immersion experience paired with a guided meditation. The size of the group is determined based on event space. Ideal groups are between 30-50 participants. Sonic Meditations originated in Charleston, SC but are now hosted in various locations across the United States. If you do not see your town listed in their directory, they invite you to learn more about becoming a member of their growing Sonic Meditation team.

Listening to Smile CDs – Continue the sonic experience at home by purchasing any of their unique, monthly Sonic Meditation CD’s. They also offer a unique series of targeted frequency-minded CD’s through their Wellness Series. If you are a holistic practitioner, operate a wellness practice, yoga studio, or other related venue, learn more about their CD resale program which includes permission to use any Listening to Smile music you have purchased during classes and as background music at your facility.

Frequency-Based Coaching/Wellness Sessions – Journey to wellness with one-on-one sessions paired with a custom created frequency-minded CD. Connect with the power of sacred sound created to specifically target your personal needs.

Frequency Toolbox for Holistic Practitioners – Core set of tones and frequencies specifically designed for practitioners to use with clients in tandem with other healing service modalities. Mixed specifically for headphone use, these powerful sound tracks were specifically designed around the ancient healing potential of sacred frequencies to target core intents. Participation in this program allows license to use Listening to Smile’s custom, proprietary tones free of copyright infringement with clients. Upgrades to the core toolbox are available as a means of customizing your frequency library.

Professional Tone Production – Creation and production of personalized professional CD’s for practitioners or facilities blending custom sound healing tracks with meditation, voice over, or other healing or promotional material. Estimates are provided per project. Email them for more information.

Are you interested in using Listening to Smile’s meditation music and tones with clients, during classes, workshops, online videos, or as background music in your facility? Wonderful! Click here to learn how to gain their permission to use. They have established a choice of programs to allow you to use their music without copyright infringement.

To purchase CD’s or find more information on Listening to Smile’s services & programs go here.

Meet the founder of Listening to Smile:

Ian Morris is the founder of Listening to Smile and Wake Magazine and has experienced more in his life than his 38 years might suggest. Ian is a multi-instrumentalist, poet, artist, and intuitive healer who has been working in the creative arts field for over 15 years.
The following is more about Ian in his own words:

“I began my personal journey with the wellness and healing potentials of sound and specific frequencies while working with a nonprofit organization I had established, Homemade Genius, in 2004. I was working with under-served children using music as a tool for promoting creativity and connection. Through those experiences, I began to really notice the improvements in overall attention, engagement, confidence and even academic performance with the kids. Over the next several years, I expanded into other ventures which provided me with additional opportunities to work with children, including those with special needs. It was then that I began to even further observe and experience the power of music and sound as a tool to deeply connect and facilitate engagement; the healing potentials in a very generalized and therapeutic sense. It triggered my interested in this aspect of music and sound.”

“As a multi-instrumentalist, I instinctively sought solace in music. It was during this time of very poor health that I came across information about the sacred healing potentials of sound/vibration and began to study further. What I can then best describe as a combination of divine inspiration, timing, and skill set all merged. I began creating and producing compositions of tones and frequencies which lead me to personally reclaim my health. In addition to this personal physical healing, I was simultaneously embarking on a spiritual journey. Through this, the power of collective intent and meditation became clear to me. When focused intent and meditation was combined with the frequencies and tones I was creating, an entirely new experience was born in the form of the Sonic Meditation. I have worked this past year to further refine the experience. I have come to believe that the opportunities for healing and wellness when working with sound is enormous and holds even greater potential to be further amplified by creating a larger grid of connection, which is what occurs at a Sonic Meditation.

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