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Aumie of the Month

Marita, One Who Catches Lightning and Walks in Truth

Marita, One Who Catches Lightning is the founder and owner of The Path of IX.

The Path of IX centers around shadow work.  Do you own your shadow?  Or does your shadow own you?  Together with Marita, One Who Catches Lightning, you will map out your emotional, etheric, and spiritual body throughout time. By linking internal patterns and programming to physical and emotional manifestations you can begin to see where your shadow resides.

Drawing from Tibetan, indigenous, spiritual, and ascended master knowledge and practices, Marita will be your guide in helping your jaguar (your true potential) through your shadow self.

Marita One Who Catches Lightning w/ The Path of IX

Marita’s metaphysical and spiritual training includes work in the Lakota and Hopi traditions, working with Ascended Masters, past life regression, clearing and working with energy centers (chakras), ancestral healing, working with crystals and plant medicines, mediumship, clearing and protection of places/spaces, spiritual contracts, inner child work, and working with various decks of cards.

Services Offered:

  • Corporate Mindfulness Trainings
  • Spiritually Aligned Business Strategy and Branding
  • Initiation Ceremonies and Group Retreats
  • Individual or Group Journey Series
  • Home and Business Clearings
  • Despacho Ceremonies and Land Blessing

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