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♦ An Angel For Every Purpose by Teresa York ♦

The great thing about co-hosting a podcast is that you get to learn amazing things along with your listeners.  Between the great content that my Co-Host, Kim Balstad, brings to her segments and the information that I pick up while researching mine, every episode, I am finding out something to enrich my life or re-learning something that I knew but, as comedian Richard Carlin said, I “forgot to remember.”

Preparing for Episode 8 brought me face to face with an incredible piece of information; I am incredibly valued and loved without measure…as are you, as is every human, animal, plant or even rock on this planet…indeed as is this planet and the very solar system that it lies within.

Each and every one of us and every single thing is so beloved and valuable that we have each been assigned our very own Angel!

Angels are well-known to most forms of spiritual practices.  In Hebrews 13:2 it says, “Be careful when entertaining strangers, for by so doing, many have entertained Angels unawares.”   The Talmud says, “Every blade of grass has an Angel bending over it saying, “Grow, grow.


In her book, Ask Your Angels (1992), Alma Daniel beautifully describes their nature:  “Angels are citizens of inner space whose responsibilities include the harmonious organization of the inhabited universe…  Some people believe Angels are the thoughts of God, while others hold that they are the creation of the divine Mother Spirit.   Angels work with our souls in conjunction with the universal mind, to help us raise our sights and spirits by reminding us of the truth, purity, and goodness that exists within everything.


Angels raise your vibration with their very being.  

Their energy is light and pure.  

We can pray to any of them and look to them for protection and inspiration.


As all manner of beings, Angels also fulfill very specific and unique roles.  According to Sophy Burnham in her book, A Book of Angels, Angels also have a hierarchy:

  1. Seraphim are the highest and closest to God.  They regulate the very movement of Heaven.
  2. Cherubim proclaim God’s holy presence.
  3. Thrones are companion Angels of the planets.
  4. Power Bearers are the keepers of the akashic records.
  5. Archangels govern affairs of the messengers of the various realms.
    • Archangel Gabriel (God is my strength) The guardian of emotions and relationships.
    • Raphael (God has healed) Works to heal the earth.
    • Uriel (Fire or light of God)  Sends his energy to minds working with science, economics, politics.
    • Ariel (Lion or Lioness of God) This Angel controls the demons.

These are just a few of the Angels assigned to Heaven and to Earth.  From your own individual guardian Angel, to the Angel who watches over your family, the Angel who guides your city, state, country and this planet, to the very Angels who govern Heaven, there are Angels for every purpose, a balm for every need, and a prayer for every soul.

Angels work in amazing ways, both grand and subtle.  They plant thoughts in our minds as a gardener plants seeds.  They can inspire, heal or enlighten us.

Some people can see and commune with Angels but others feel the influence of Angels in a much more subtle way.  An Angel can be felt in a breeze or smelled on the scent of a rose.

Angels’ whispers of inspiration can be difficult to hear when your energy is not aligned to them but one can learn to be attuned and grow closer to the Angels’ perfect energy.

Whether you hear your Angel speaking clearly into your ear or you intuit their loving intention for you directly in your heart, they are calling to you…. And that makes you very, very special.

YOU are incredibly valued and loved without measure!




Teresa York is the Co-Host of Holistically Curious which is a bi-monthly podcast.  In her journey for a whole and healthy life, she has drawn from her experiences traveling around the world, as well as from the amazing people she has met along the way.  In a quest to enhance her own knowledge of the world around her,  Teresa has obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies (mainly Literature and Humanities) and attended The University of Metaphysical Sciences.  Because life is full of little surprises, she is also a Third Degree Blackbelt in Tang Soo Do.

Transitioning from a city mouse to a country mouse, Teresa recently moved to a rural town in Maine where she lives happily with her husband, 4 dogs, and a cat.  She misses the community of light-seekers which seemed readily available among the larger population of her previous home but she is inspired by pure spirits, wherever she finds them, and happily she finds them in the most unlikely places.

To find out more about Teresa York and the Holistically Curious podcast click here.

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  • Lizett correa

    Good read! How can I feel my angel?

  • Teresa York

    What a great question, Lizett! What differentiates a whisper of an Angel’s voice from the soft flow of a breeze blowing by? I think that you feel the difference within your heart. If an everyday event brings you inexplicable joy, know that your Angel is speaking to you. Thank you so much for commenting!

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