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Aum Share Blog

The Aumies have a wealth of knowledge and a lot of wisdom to share. Check out our Aum Share Blog to find helpful advice for your journey through life, heaps of inspiration and a whole lot of positivity! Let’s all Share the Aum!


Put Up or Shut Up Blog

The Aum Nation Member and co-host of Holistically Curious (the podcast) Teresa York gives a lot of great guidance for Holistically Curious listeners but what will happen when she challenges herself to spend a year following her own advice? That’s right…it is time to Put Up or Shut UP!



Meditation has innumerable benefits for the body, mind and spirit! Take some time for yourself and enjoy these free meditations from the Aumies. “Meditation and concentration are the way to a life of serenity.” – Ram Dass



Looking for new resources and inspiration to help guide you on your path? Are you a bookworm always on the look out for new books to devour? Well, we’re here for you because our library contains over a dozen books authored by the Aumies.