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Kristen Jardine, owner of Sacred Touch, has a Masters Degree in Physician Assistant Studies.  She is an ordained minister and is a Vedic Thai Assisted Yoga & Lifestyle Therapist.  In Kristen’s career as a PA across 21K+ patient interactions in multiple disciplines, she witnessed the power of compassionate touch and presence to facilitate healing in others.  It was so remarkable that she resigned medicine.

As she continued to explore the ancient traditions of the healing arts, she discovered Vedic Thai Assisted Yoga, which she says, brought her back home to God and the truth that compassion is love.  This practice has had a profound healing impact on her life and it is why she does the work that she does; which is empowering others through Vedic Thai Assisted Yoga and Lifestyle Mentoring to find peace of mind, health and fulfillment in life again.

For more info about Kristen Jardine and the services she offers Sacred Touch.

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