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“No pain, no gain.”  The belief that we have to work hard in order to succeed is deeply rooted in our American mindset.  It pushes us to put in ever-increasing hours at our jobs while juggling responsibilities at home and an endless list of tasks for self improvement.  

Trying to change can feel exhausting.

We want to improve our health, so we consult a nutritionist and hire a personal trainer.  We want more money, so we hire a financial planner. We want a healthier relationship, so we see a relationship counselor.  We want to be successful, so we get a life coach. We want to be happy, so we go into therapy.  We put so much time and effort out there in the world to create the changes we desire.  We think that in order to get ahead, we have to do more. Worse yet, we feel that if we stop doing so much, our whole world will fall apart.

Would you rather grow through struggle or joy?

You probably know someone who’s quit smoking through sheer willpower.  After days or weeks of battling an overpowering urge to smoke a cigarette, they were able to shift into becoming a non-smoker.   Many others tried and failed. For this person, the change happened, but only after a major inner battle. This is one way to create change.

There’s another, easier way. My client came in for a Reiki session to balance and restore her energy.  Later that day, after the session, she was shocked to discover she no longer had a desire to smoke. It wasn’t her intention to stop smoking; much to her delight, it seemed to happen almost magically.

Certainly not every smoker who experiences Reiki will stop smoking.  But you’d be surprised that a number of my Reiki clients and students have shared that they stopped smoking after connecting with Reiki.  How does that happen?

Quantum Physics shows us that nothing is solid.  Everything is energy vibrating at a different frequency.

Your mind, body and emotions are all energy. Your life is a reflection of your vibration.  Everything in your life is there because on some level you match that frequency. If you weren’t in resonance with it, you could easily let it go.

Negative behaviors and emotions are low frequency.  When you’re living your life from a lower vibration, you’re naturally attracted to matching negative things, whether it’s a substance, a place or a person.  The good news is that when your frequency rises, you are now drawn to things of a matching, higher vibration. So the key to shifting with ease is to work at the source level, which is energy.

Change your energy, change your life.

Reiki is my favorite method for creating transformation using energy.  Reiki is a method of channeling universal energy to clear blocks and restore your energetic balance, which raises your frequency.  There are many other modalities that work with energy: acupuncture, sound healing, Qigong and chakra work, to name a few. I love Reiki because it’s simple to learn and use.  Even kids can learn Reiki. Once you become open as a channel for the energy, Reiki flows automatically with intention.

The wonderful thing about Reiki is that it feels good while it helps you.  It’s soothing and refreshing. It’s like medicine that tastes delicious with no calories!

Reiki is gentle, yet powerful over time.

While some people have big shifts after even one session, Reiki works best as part of your regular self care routine, like meditation.  It’s ideal to take even just the beginner level Reiki class so that you can then use it for yourself.

So, if you prefer, you can continue to put all your time and resources into outer efforts to change your health, financial situation, relationship, and your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Or, begin working with your energy and watch all of those things begin to shift as a result.  




Tianna Roser is a Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Clinical Hypnotist specializing in spiritual regression. 

You can learn more about Reiki and Tianna’s services at and

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  • Angel Lady Terrie Marie

    Love this article! Reiki is indeed very powerful and gentle at the same time. Results, when one is open to receiving, can be almost magickal.

    • Tianna Roser

      Yes, I refer to Reiki as a winning lottery ticket because it creates abundance in every area of your life. In fact, it’s better than a real lottery ticket because it’s available to everyone.

  • Tianna Roser

    Thanks, Jonna. It’s wonderful that the world is beginning to embrace holistic modalities that promote wellbeing rather than simply manage symptoms.

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