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Healing Begins With Yourself

My experience of forgiveness and healing began with myself.  At the age of 16 years old I sat in my High School library dressed all in black with an anarchist shirt.  I read and read that day until it filled my hearts content.  My best friend across from me was asking me a question and I lost focus because my eye caught a small glimpse of a quote by Lao Tzu that read,

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” 

Even today, as I read it I can still feel and recall each step I took to get where I am now.   The Journey isn’t over, is it?  It is not my friend!  Teenager me actually imagined getting prepared for a journey of 1,000 miles and feeling overwhelmed by the length.  While not knowing the full meaning of the quote, I sensed it.

During teenage years pain would be my right and fear would be my left.  With time I learned the following…

Forgiveness isn’t difficult

Forgiveness does not require you to write a letter, say it face to face and/or record an actual apology.  You can simply breathe in and out and then say the following aloud or to yourself:  “I forgive you.  I hold no resistance nor expectations.  I send you Divine light.  May your inner being be filled with love and compassion.”  The actual process of offering forgiveness is easy but the healing can, and will likely, require some time.

Give Yourself Time, Love, & Compassion

Time will heal you once forgiveness has been attained.  Learning that life and time are the best of teachers is a valuable lesson.  Like the wounds on your skin; time will heal you.  Just as time is required in the healing process for a scrape or cut, time will also aid in your emotional healing process.  The band aid for your spiritual and emotional healing might include, but not necessarily be limited to: love, time, and of course, an abundance of compassion for yourself.



Lizett Correa is the owner of Immanent Light.  She is a psychic intuitive and Reiki healer who channels energy to her clients in order to activate their bodies natural healing processes and to restore physical and emotional well-being.  Lizett is also psychic intuitive, tarot card reader, and palm reader with 15 years experience.  She utilizes crystal therapy in her sessions, as needed.  Lizett’s mother was also a light worker and being able to witness her mother using her gifts to help people in their neighborhood laid the foundation for her own desire to help others.  Lizett was raised in Los Angeles, California, and came to Texas in 2004.

For more info about Lizett Correa and the services she offers click here.

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  • Teresa York

    This is so beautiful! I appreciate the heartfelt sharing as well as the timely words of wisdom.

    • Lizett


  • Natalie

    Love this perspective and reminder. Thank you for sharing, Lizett

    • Lizett

      Im glad too Natalie!!

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