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Show yourself Love and Compassion

It is with great self-love and compassion I come to realize that after eight years as a single parent, I now finally feel that I am enough.

You see all this time, without being fully aware I was carrying the societal norm of family, the two adults and 2.5 children, inside of me and in so coming from this place I had put a massive weight on my shoulders. For if that was the norm then what I had was not.

Today as I write this article I come from a far more peaceful place, for in my home nothing is lacking and I don’t have to try and be a million and one things, because I am quite simply enough.

How many wars and how many misunderstandings occur because of embedded beliefs that get taken on and that the collective accepts.

The beauty in us all is our acceptance of self, of our lives and our very cores, that we are enough. For my realization with my idea and the ideal of family is an example, an example of so many things that we just accept, until something or someone opens up the concept of possibility.

Is it possible that what I have just accepted as how it is, is just an outdated program?

Shift your perception from lack to gratitude

What spurred my change of view was a very timely conversation with a dear friend, she had written on social media a few words, that she had a family of 4 and came from a family of 2. No difference, no less than in these words of absolute beauty. Both are family and both are beautiful.

We then spoke of these two journeys, she spoke of her time as a child with her mother, her mother and her. Then she spoke of her family now, husband and two stunning lads, and the love she spoke of with both was the same.

It shifted something inside of me, and a weight evaporated from my shoulders, a weight I didn’t even know I was carrying. For so long I now see that I was functioning from a place of trying to make up for the lack of the ideal family.

You are enough

So here today, from this day forth I choose to honor the family that I have got, I choose to live from the place of being enough and never having to try and be more.

If you take away the above example, what would you put in its place? What weight are you carrying right now? Where in your life do you feel you are not enough? Where?

All it takes is a conversation, article, poem, or a moment, that opens up the realm, that asks you to lay down the extra weight and just BE.

The message is clear, every time I learn, I am meant to pass it on, for it will resonate, resonate with so many.

Let go of limiting beliefs

At whatever age we took on a message, we can choose whether we still believe in it, and if it limits us in anyway then surely the time to question and lay down the burden is right now.

Marianne Williamson spoke and wrote about the fact that the only real thing is love and everything else is an illusion, so if one path takes us to love and one takes us from it, then the way to work with our beliefs is to feel. What does it feel like to believe a certain ‘fact or societal message?’ If it is loving then our energy will show us the core of it, and if it is not then so too will our energy tell us.

Love or fear.
Enough or lack.

Let us as a collective choose, choose to be free, to give ourselves the freedom we deserve of anything that holds us back, that keeps us small and stops us shining our lights.

I am enough and so are you.

Many blessings. 



Sally Anne Saint is a professional energy worker with over 20 years of experience and training in several healing arts. She is a level 3 Reiki practitioner, parenting coach, and is trained in massage and reflexology. Sally Anne is also a talented author, speaker, and artist.

Using her healing energy and intuition, Sally Anne works with humans, horses, dogs, and cats. Sally Anne also facilitates groups (open circles), whereby she works with the energy of each individual and supports them in releasing and being in the now.

Sally Anne Saint also shares her wisdom through her writing. Her book, “The Mask” is the perfect book for anyone suffering from the past or thinking of stepping into the journey of healing.

For more info about Sally Anne Saint and the services she offers, click here.


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