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Do Some People Really Have It All Together?

Have you ever wondered why certain people seem to “have it all”? Does it appear to you that things come easily for them?

Everyday you can see perfect appearing images on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. But is this the reality, or some snippet of a moment they want you to see?

We live in a digital age where information is readily available via one search bar, so we seem to have the answers and information to everything at our fingertips. But, that isn’t truly the reality. Just because we can search something doesn’t mean we can truly understand it. Once we have obtained the knowledge, we need to decide how to process it.

It Doesn’t Mean You Aren’t Trying Hard Enough

When a mom comes to me and says she is overwhelmed, it’s never for lack of trying. She has searched many scholarly articles, attempted to try Pinterest hacks, and viewed happy families online.

However, there is usually something missing. She feels stressed and disconnected. With all the disposable information at our fingertips, you would think she would feel more connected.  But it’s just the opposite.

The thing she is missing could be any number of things.  There is no right answer for everyone.

With all the digital information we are around, it’s interesting to see how each person perceives the world around them.  Each way is different, and we can choose to see what we want.

It’s OK, You’re OK!

All this to say, its hard to recognize that it’s OK to not have it all together. We live in a society that teaches us that if there is a problem that we just need to fix it.

But in reality, we need to recognize that its OK to not have it all together sometimes. When we have our greatest challenges sometimes we can adapt and grow to thrive on a larger level.




Mom life coach, Christi Howard, is the founder and owner of Me Time 4 Mom and is on the Board of Directors of the Family Life Coaching Association.  Christi focuses on finding the best way to energize you to your fullest potential.  Once you have an enriched life, you can easily give back to your family, community and career. Me Time 4 Mom is about helping you navigate to find the joy in everyday life.  

Coaching sessions can be done via video chat, phone, or face to face if you are in the Austin, TX, area.

Want to take a test run?  Interested about life coaching for Mom’s but not sure where to start?  Christi offers a free 15 minute phone chat to see if this process is right for you.  

For more info about Christi Howard and the services she offers click here.

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  • Lizett

    I love this! Most of the time I’m up all hours of the night making fancy special designs for stuff. I’m so tired the next day. Then there’s the brand clothes and what not. My kids never cared for it which I’m so glad. I feel great that I don’t have it all. Magnificent article Christi!

    • Christi Howard

      Thanks Lizett! Glad you enjoyed the article. I’ve been up late one too many nights making things for the kids as well. It’s a necessary reminder to give yourself a break!

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