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Hello Friend!  If you are finding your way to this blog, you are interested in creating a life for yourself that is stronger, richer and more fulfilled.  No matter what stage of that journey you are on, you probably recognize that there is more that could be done.  Hopefully, you also recognize that the road does not have to be hard – it can be an exciting adventure.  Just like you, I have begun to negotiate my own route to self-actualization and, like you, I see that there is much work to be done

Lucky for me, I have my own personal guru in the family, in my sister Kim Balstad.  Kim is the founder and creative spirit of The Aum Nation (I highly recommend you check out the rest of her site where this blog is hosted and bookmark it for future trips.  The Aum Nation is a rich resource of holistic practitioners and businesses ready to help you to live up to your optimum potential).  So, I have this amazing source of enlightenment right in my own family but I still have so very much to learn.  I was astounded that as much as Kim has studied and progressed, she felt the same need for more growth as I do and as I am sure you do.  There is so much left to discover.  This was the realization that led to the creation of our podcast “Holistically Curious.”  This blog is a progression from the podcast.  

Why “Put Up or Shut Up” as a title?  As the co-host of a podcast, even a co-host who admits to being flawed and human, I am professing to have a level of expertise and experience which I want to live up to.  In Holistically Curious, we have found that there are many commonalities in professional advice for living a healthy physical and spiritual advice.  Over and over, we have discovered that developing a meditation practice, eating healthy responsibly sourced foods, thinking positively, living mindfully, and many other such components are essential to advancing on every level.  I have been preaching these actions from the pulpit for a while now and as Kim has lovingly encouraged me, it is now time to put up or shut up!

This is the new segment of my journey, one in which I heed the Universe and my own advice over the course of a year.  During each of the next twelve months, I will be selecting one component of a healthy and uplifting life, one piece of often repeated guidance from the podcast to implement into my own life. 

Why the public announcement, and the even more public revelation of my experiences to come?  

The answer is threefold.

  • First and maybe foremost is that I am “talking the talk” publicly and it seems only fair that I also “walk the walk” publicly.
  • Secondly, I welcome the accountability factor that comes of publishing your goals.  You, my friends, are my witnesses and your opinion of me means a lot.  
  • Finally if one dear friend finds comfort in our commonality of experiences or learns an alternative route around a shared roadblock then the benefit of my own practice is increased a thousand-fold.

Welcome to my journey!


~ Next month, MEDITATION – Seriously, how do you do that? ~



Teresa York is a writer and the Co-Host of the bi-monthly Holistically Curious podcast.  She says, If you are listening to the podcast, it means that you are a kindred spirit!  In her journey for a whole and healthy life, she has drawn from her experiences traveling around the world, as well as from the amazing people she has met along the way.

In a quest to enhance her own knowledge of the world around her,  Teresa has obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies (mainly Literature and Humanities) and attended The University of Metaphysical Sciences.  Because life is full of little surprises, she is also a Third Degree Blackbelt in Tang Soo Do.

Transitioning from a city mouse to a country mouse, Teresa recently moved to a rural town in Maine where she lives happily with her husband, 4 dogs, and a cat.  She misses the community of light-seekers which seemed readily available among the larger population of her previous home but she is inspired by pure spirits, wherever she finds them, and happily she finds them in the most unlikely places.


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  • J Ruble

    Fantastic ! I can’t wait to read the next blog. Good job!

  • Becky Marcoux

    Looking forward to follow the blog this year

    • Teresa York

      Thanks Becky! I am excited for the challenge!

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