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What does Nate Long “Owl” do, exactly?

I am a maker of prayers. This is why I must keep drawing and painting and singing and writing and paying music. This is why I hold ceremony and why I create and walk sacred paths.

The other day I was talking with my partner about how to sell my work. How I could send more submissions in for exhibits, sign up for booth space at shows, have cards and shirts printed and available. We discussed different online sales applications and how some could help more than others.

Maybe I could record flute and meditation music and put it up for sale. I thought about holding more workshops, maybe even out-of-town, to bring in extra income and maybe consider marketing myself more for individual work.  And you know what? It was a very exciting conversation! To think that I could make a living by making art… wow!

But something honestly felt off.

It was only five years ago that some things happened to allow me to break out of a self-created cage. And with this transformation I did some lengthy and hard work. I learned how to meditate and how to look within myself. I took classes and read books. And I Learned how to communicate with some pretty wise teachers that lived “just on the other side”… in a different world. I was looking for what I wanted and needed… what Nate Long wanted. It was also about learning how, when and what that I needed to give away.

Out of all of this, I came to the realization that I know how to create. That, although I had done very little art for the previous fifteen years, I knew art was, in conjunction with prayer and shamanic journey work, my way to express and bring alive what I needed to give.

I found that I could define my art as “a making of a prayer”… and because of this, I was able create things that I’d never been capable of before. I developed techniques to pray for healing or wellbeing or gratitude or … whatever … and that I could place the intentions of these prayers into the art I created.

And so here I am thinking about how to make money as an artist. And it rightfully feels wrong.

I guess maybe making money should never be the intention of a “prayer -maker.”

I do believe in fair energetic exchange and so am not opposed to accepting payment for my work. However, the “making money” aspect needs to be removed from my intentions… for my own spiritual health, and for the integrity of the art and prayers I make for others.

With all of this said… I open and offer myself up to anyone who may feel that my work could be of use to your need to heal in whatever way that looks like to you.  If you would like for me to “make a prayer” for you… just ask.

With all of my love and hope and intention,

Nate Long “Owl”



Nate Long “Owl” is an author, artist, shamanic practitioner, and owner of Blue Eye Art.  Nate offers a variety of items and services centered around the creation of sacred objects and intent.  All items are made based on Shamanic journey-work and prayer, most times with very focused intent and purpose.  The artistic mediums and cultural influences he works with will vary depending upon the guidance given. Nate lives in Austin, Texas.  Commissioned work is always done with the utmost respect and privacy as he works directly with you to discover what your needs are.  Nate Long has authored three books which are all available on Amazon.

For more information about Nate Long and Blue Eye Art click here.

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