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Connections Are Everything

Connections are everything; it’s the reason why we went on this crazy voyage.  By existing…we have the capabilities to become aware of the intricate network that permeates all of reality. 

Through our mastery…we become the spark of inspiration by which the network evolves.  This is true power…a force that is both unfathomable and beyond conception. 

But this means that we must be willing to experience all things…not only the bliss and joys…but also the fears and pain.  This courage is essential to unleashing genuine creativity…for wisdom is born from a willingness to step deeper into our silence…and face the unknowable.

Metaphor Is One Of The Greatest Connecting Tools We Have

One of the greatest connecting tools we have is through metaphor…for “whenever human beings hear and encounter [themselves], the consequences are poetic, visionary, metaphoric, and parabolic.” 

There is actually a simple improv warm-up game that can become the genesis of a scene.  One person is given word…who then has to create a metaphor with another word that is vastly different.  If the person was given “lemon,” then an example would be: “a lemon is a spacecraft.”  The next part of the exercise is to create the why…so: “a lemon is a spacecraft…because both leave a sour taste in the mouths of farmers.” 

Either a scene could be started from this cocktail of words…or the next person would have the use the word “spacecraft” as the original word and then create another metaphor…and etc.

What makes this exercise so great is that it challenges us to make threads, particularly with ideas and objects that may be contradictory or opposing on the surface. 

With Improv You’ll Discover New Connections

Since we are taught to compartmentalize from a very young age, our lives have become predicated upon separation…leaving us in a world where few things can play and connect with each other.  A lemon, spacecraft, and a farmer would never be placed into the same box…and therefore their stories would never be told. 

As improvisers, we not only get to tell this story, but we get to tell it from our unique vantage point.  We may even create deeper metaphors; perhaps a lemon reminds me of my grandmother…so I may feel inspired to play a crafty old lady for the start of the scene.  There’s no end to the connections that we can discover in improv if we allow ourselves to play from our silent epicenter…and the more connections we discover…the more magical and creative our lives become…



Amardev is the founder and owner of ImprovPD.  ImprovPD supports professional and personal development through improvised storytelling and meditation.  Their services revolve around one word: inspiration.  If an individual or team is inspired…then there are no limits to that creative system. 

ImprovPD co-founder and CEO, Amardev, specializes in customized packages for all professional arenas…including education, design, and engineering.  He also trains troupes in the art of improvised theater…and offers private counseling sessions to individuals and pairs.

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