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General Release of Liability and Rule of Membership

The Aum Nation is a Limited Liability Company. It is an organization that shares information among its members and the general public about the member or member organizations. Methods of sharing this information include, but are not limited to, The Aum Nation, LLC website, all forms of online social media via the internet, feature articles, public comments made online, videos, pictures, advertisements, and printed materials.

The Aum Nation, LLC is exclusively maintained and administered by Kim Balstad, henceforth known as the administrator. The administrator is the sole governing authority for any and all activities related to The Aum Nation, LLC, unless otherwise designated in writing. The most current written authorization renders all previous documents null and void, unless otherwise stated in the most current document. The administrator has sole discretion in determining what content or information is shared with The Aum Nation, LLC members.

Participation, and or membership, in The Aum Nation, LLC is completely at the sole discretion of the administrator. Participation in The Aum Nation can be terminated at any time, by the administrator or member, without cause, and without penalty of any kind. Participation in The Aum Nation, LLC by a person, group, business, or any other type of entity, releases The Aum Nation, LLC, the administrator, the administrator’s designated representatives, and any and all groups or people associated with The Aum Nation, LLC from any and all forms of liability, foreseen and unforeseen. The Aum Nation, LLC makes no claims or guarantees regarding the success or failure of a member, member organization, or any person or persons associated with the member or member organization.

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Our membership is FREE but we do greatly appreciate donations. Your contribution helps us to continue keeping The Aum Nation membership free and goes towards the significant costs of maintaining a website and community like ours.
PLEASE NOTE: Donations ARE NOT tax deductible.

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