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Healing Creations – Patricia Fitzgerald

Location Rathfarnham, Dublin Ireland
Language: English
Availability: International
Phone: 087-632-9125 Website: HealingCreations.ie

Photo of Healing Creations – Patricia Fitzgerald




Patricia Fitzgerald is a Mandala Artist based in Dublin, Ireland. Her work is created intuitively, working with the energies of the person she is creating for or with the energies being channeled at any given time.  She also often works with Sacred Geometry as a base; then incorporates the energies within that geometry. Patricia’s work is aesthetically very beautiful and is also an extraordinarily powerful meditation tool, aiding in the expansion of consciousness.  Both her original work and limited edition prints are available to be shipped to around the world from Ireland.

From the classical Indian language of Sanskrit, the word Mandala can be loosely translated to mean circle. But the Mandala is far more than just a simple shape.  It embodies wholeness, representing the structure of life itself, a cosmic diagram that shows us our relatedness to the infinite, that which extends both beyond and within our bodies and minds.  The Mandala can be seen as a container for essence, energy or spirit.  A journey into the self and to the connectedness with all that is.

The drawing of Mandalas as well as being an artistic practice is a meditative and spiritual exercise, bringing much peace and a sense of wellbeing.  Mandalas are amazing tools for deepening the meditation experience and expanding consciousness.

How to meditate with Mandala:

  • Choose a mandala that you feel drawn to.
  • Sitting comfortably with your back straight with the mandala approximately an arms length away, gently gaze at the mandala, allowing your focus to relax so that the image gradually blurs.
  • For about 5 minutes or longer, meditate on the centre of the mandala allowing its geometry to bring your mind into a state of balance. This is the space where the ego self becomes less active.
    Five minutes is a good minimum time to sit with your mandala, but longer is encouraged.
  • When you feel ready, shift your awareness elsewhere and enjoy the deep inner equilibrium that remains.

Mandalas promote mindfulness, encourage peace and tranquility in the viewer’s mind and home.

Psychologists, neurologists and researchers have found that by stimulating both sides of the brain (which mandala art is doing) our thought process becomes clearer, stress reduces, blood pressure lowers and the list goes on.

This happens both in the creation process and by viewing or meditating upon the piece.

Patricia combines the craft of Mandala with meditation and mindfulness practices, offering an innovative and powerfully transformative experience.   She is an experienced facilitator of mandala art, mindfulness and meditation workshops and retreats in Ireland and abroad.


  • Original Artwork
  • Prints
  • Healing Creations Book
  • Jigsaws
  • Greeting Cards
  • Workshops

Meet Patricia Fitzgerald:

Patricia was a Senior Librarian and Arts Officer with South Dublin Libraries in Ireland for over 27 years until she changed her career in 2017 to pursue her art and meditation practice full time. She studied Visual Education and Communication at Dun Laoghaire College of Art & Design (IADT) and also holds a first class honours degree in Philosophy and Sociology from University College, Dublin where she was also awarded a post graduate scholarship.

She hosts workshops and retreats both in Ireland and abroad on the Mindful Art of the Mandala & Meditation. She practices mandala and mindfulness techniques daily in her own life and holds a professional certificate in the Therapeutic Use of Mindfulness.

Her first book Healing Creations: Discover your mindful self through mandala colouring and journaling (Collins Press 2016) contains forty hand drawn mandalas for you to engage with, positive quotations and wisdom from many of the world’s best thinkers plus meditation.  It is available in all good bookstores in Ireland and globally on Amazon.

From Patricia:

A little of my story.

In December 2012, I was not sleeping. I was stressed out, losing my temper and basically worrying all day. I was in the midst of going through massive and unexpected changes in life. I was not doing well. Through a mind blowing series of coincidences and synchronicities, I came to discover the art of mandala. To begin with it calmed me. It let me come to a realization that I could only control what was in my sphere of control and the rest I had to trust. And to be okay with that. I was unaware of the journey that mandalas would lead me on, and it was only after things had settled that I began to research and come to understand what it was that I had been intuitively doing. Mandalas started me on a massive spiritual awakening, a word that was not in my vocabulary prior to these events. The journey continues and gets more fascinating with each and every day. Mandalas hold such power, the power to calm, to heal and to connect deeply to the self yet at the same time, to something much bigger than ourselves.

To shop her artwork, prints, gift items, & workshops click here.

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