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Real U Inc. – Isabella Lambauer & Wade Bergner

Location Reston, Virginia United States
Language: English
Availability: International
Phone: 703-314-0220 Website: RealUAcademy.org
Wellness Product: Mindful Movement, Mindfulness

Photo of Real U Inc. – Isabella Lambauer & Wade Bergner


Real U creates easy to use peer-to-peer instructional videos, intended to teach mindFUNness, build character, strengthen self-esteem and engage children.

Their training provides kids with tools to empower them and teaches skill-sets necessary to withstand different challenges.  By instilling self-esteem and awareness in kids, they’re helping to build the right kind of leaders for tomorrow!

Real U’s intention is to effectively embed these powerful skills and practices through repetition.  Creating a routine that children practice daily will have a profound effect on our next generation.  They know that if these strategies are implemented on a consistent basis, kids will be equipped with valuable life navigation skills.

Kid’s Love Superheroes, so Real U Inc. has created a series of superhero videos directed at children ages 4 to 10!  These engaging short videos (5 to 10 minutes) will subtly instill self-worth into your child’s life!

The Real U viewers will be introduced to (age appropriate) leadership skills that provide them (and those in their lives) great HOPE!  Regular exposer to these videos, will embed “life navigation skills,” that serve your child greatly!

Children’s learning patterns and abilities are very diverse, therefore we are proud to have developed different strategies suitable to expand their minds. Our mission is to create a world-wide community movement, designed to connect people across the globe.
By creating entertaining and engaging peer-to-peer videos, children unknowingly are tapping into the inter-workings of their true selves.  Our approach will empower these future leaders, strengthening what they’ll find to be, REAL “Superhero” skills!
–  Real U Inc.

Meet Isabella Lambauer:

Real U Inc. co-founder, Isabella Lambauer, has been working with children since she can remember, babysitting the neighbors’ kids, working as an Aupair and studying Early Childhood Development.

Growing up as the youngest of five children in the mountains of Austria didn’t give her the best preconditions for success.  She was considered a “bad student” and was told numerously by educators that she was dumb.  And until much later she believed it!

Then around age 26 she was brave enough to go back to school and realized quickly that it was easy for her to study.  That was the first time she recognized how others have had a huge impact on her life and she started playing with the idea of creating a program to empower children from the start.  The online platform came to life when she found a group of people that also shared the same vision and she knew that she had found her tribe!  A small idea had now grown into something much bigger, something she never could have imagined, empowering children around the world!

Meet Wade Bergner:

As a child, Real U Inc. co-founder, Wade Bergner was labeled with a reading disability, this label etched a level of empathy within him that runs deep.  His misplaced self-worth created unnecessary stress and disconnect in his life.  He leaned into overachievement in athletics and business with hopes that this would drown out his false beliefs.  What may have appeared to others as a constructive approach to evolve, was without question, an unhealthy and unbalanced approach to life.

Through his evolution, he’s come to believe that a child’s mind is like a new computer, devouring all information that crosses their path (good and bad).  At a child’s early development stage, they are desperately seeking guidance in hope of formulating an identity that will serve them.

Our studies have shown that by the time a child reaches the age of 18, they’ve heard (don’t do or don’t say) over 150,000 times, compared to less than 2,000 words associated with encouragement, self-worth, and belief.  This ratio raises havoc on a child’s subconscious mind as they seek to mold their identity.  We have the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to reinforce a child’s unconditional self-worth, through our mission!

– Wade Bergner

For more info about Real U, Inc. and to sign your child up for  FREE “Superhero Training,” click here.

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