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Every self-identifying woman should deeply gaze into the sumptuous meaning of The Empress, for she is the ultimate in feminine essence.

She is the Queen of Queens.

Every suit Queen is an aspect of her, just as every card in the Tarot deck is an aspect of humanity.

She and I have become bosom buddies (pun very much intended) for a little over a year now.  When I connected with her energy, I decided my hair needed to be pink like her representation in The Wild Unknown tarot deck by Kim Krans, and my journey with her was only in its infancy.

Once I met her, I knew she was special.  I’ve written poetry about her, seen her in movies, heard tell of her in songs.  Her magic consumed me.  Then I realized something very crucial to this intimacy with her.

She is me.  I am she.  We are all she.  

When we think of ourselves in such a way, it’s tempting to allow social conditioning to slither in and whisper black smoke into the pink clouds of her substance.  Stop and imagine the possibility of a time without the crushing weight of the patriarchal veil between actual humanity and role play.  The true nature of a woman is indeed the throned lady wearing the pomegranates of Persephone and the crown of heavenly bodies, the seed of creation planted in her fertile womb, a divine portal of the universe.  Here is where you’ll find the Queen of Wands, in her magnum opus of creation.  She is pure Shakti fire and you never know what avatar will manifest.  This unpredictability can be extremely fascinating and equally intimidating.  We are not acquainted with this level of power in pure femininity.  She is the iron fist in a velvet glove.  Never ever doubt that this symbol of the primordial mother is the pinnacle of divine feminine energy in supreme radiance.

The Empress is blessed by Venus, the morning star.  In the Left-Hand Path, this is a symbol of Lucifer.  This archetype is merely a symbol of the utmost attainment of spiritual development and knowledge, acquired by the seeker themselves. Self-development is just one aspect of her that has almost been overlooked.  She is the feminine seeker that the world has forgotten.  Here is where you may find the Queen of Swords upon her airy, intellectual throne in the sky.  Here is where she is among the birds of prey with their keen vision.  Her eyes are as sharp as her sword and her mind.  They not only pierce deceit but also posses the vision of beauty in the most unlikely of people, places and things.  In this regard she is much like the Eye of Providence, looking always so much deeper into the multiple dimensions of perception.  Be aware that your authenticity is in full exhibition.  You are free to remove those uncomfortable masks, for they are quite transparent to her gaze.  She grants you the freedom of self.  Take that gift and place it deeply into your heart.

When you see her in the Serpentfire Tarot Deck created by Devany Amber Wolfe, she is represented by Elizabeth Taylor in the most pivotal role of her acting career – Cleopatra.  Just the name conjures thoughts of sex, beauty, prosperity, love, power.  You have but to view her procession into Rome as she officially debuts her son to his father in the presence of his wife to see that she is ruthless in her determination to not only have her man, but also solidify the stability of Egypt for her people. She cares very little for the judgements of others upon her decisions because she’s utterly confident in herself.  If ever there was a go-getter, she’s the most refined.  She is the quintessential Queen of the modern-day vernacular.

It may seem odd that her throne is not in the most prestigious location inside a castle.  She is seated upon her throne atop the great mother earth herself.  This is symbolic of the balance between her complexity and simplicity.  She’s able to connect with others on a very sincere level.  Remember how she can see all.  With this incredible vision, she’s able to use her compassionate heart to meet any situation with an open mind and love.

The Empress realizes that the only thing that connects us all is love.

In this love, her nurturing mother aspect is deeply felt.  Indeed, she becomes as a Mother Teresa to not just everyone she experiences, but to each and every project she is involved in, every emotion that creates a sense of fear or delight.  These aspects are where we can easily connect her with the Queen of Pentacles and the Queen of Cups.

Realize that you are The Empress and delight in your treasures.  See her in yourself and allow yourself to be divine.  Create a relationship with her through Shakti and more specifically her manifestation as Sarasvati,  or Oshun, Freya or Inanna, to name a few goddesses who embody her spirit.  This practice would also assist self-identifying men to connect with their inner Yin energy.  Doing this creates a deeper connection with the whole self as the Yin is just half of the whole, which also includes Yang.

A simple ritual to connect with The Empress:

Draw a hot (but comfortable) bath, adding whatever ideal ingredients create the atmosphere.  Maybe create a small altar in your bathroom around your tub.  Bring beautiful flowers, crystals such as rose quartz for self-love, clear quartz for clarity, obsidian for cleansing and malachite for transformation.  Add salt for cleansing and an essential oil blend for love and/or romance.

More importantly, realize that this is a cauldron of love and self-deification as you honor the goddess within.  You are the main ingredient.  Play some music that makes you feel beautiful.  Sink deep into your bath and remember this powerful energy has always been coiled within, like the sacred serpent awaiting awakening.

Envision everything that evokes a sense of the feminine.  Once you’ve completed your bath, be sure to use your favorite lotions, perfumes, or anything that makes you feel sensual.  Enjoy in comfort and know that you are loved.



Gilded Serpent Divination founder, Tiffany Wilson, is a professional tarot reader offering reading services, sharing her spiritual path and dark humor.  Using divination, she connects you with your inner divinity and offers empowerment and encouragement to embrace your unique balance of light and shadow.  When utilized, the advice she has given has provided life changing results!

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