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Austin Spirit Heart Mind & Body, LLC – Lina Návar, LPC

Location Austin, Texas United States
Language: English, Spanish
Availability: International
Phone: 512-746-8605 Website: AustinSpiritHeartMindBody.com

Photo of Austin Spirit Heart Mind & Body, LLC – Lina Návar, LPC

Where Spirituality Meets Psychology

Lina Návar is a Holistic Counselor, MA, MEd, LPC, Body Psychotherapist, Registered Somatic Movement Educator/Therapist, Spiritual Practitioner & Facilitator, and Registered Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

Lina is also the founder and owner of Austin Spirit Heart Mind and Body, LLC which offers specialized Holistic Counseling and other holistic healing services in the greater Austin, Texas area that can be used independently or combined, depending on what is most beneficial for you at a given time.

What is holistic counseling and is it for you?

Holistic Counseling is an integrative approach grounded in the premise that the whole person is made up of interdependent mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional parts. Thus, if one part isn’t working properly, all the other parts are affected.

In working with her clients, Lina compassionately and mindfully takes the entire human being and his/her/their life experiences into account in order to have a whole person understanding of their issue.

Body Psychotherapy and Embodied Psychospiritual Therapy go beyond traditional “talk therapy” as these approaches offer mindful consideration to the crucial role of the body as a natural doorway in the structure and creative process of whole person healing. During a session, Lina pays close attention to sensation and body states, which allow unconscious material and pure creative energy to manifest and possibly be worked with using breath, spatial and energetic awareness, consented therapeutic touch, movement, sensation, and imagery.

Services Offered:

  • Holistic Counseling & Other Holistic Healing Services
    • Body Psychotherapy
    • Movement Therapy
    • Expressive Arts Therapy
    • Spiritual & Intuitive Counseling
    • Active Energy Healing For Emotional Clearing, Healing, & Balancing
    • Highly Sensitive Person Self-Care & Spiritual Development
    • Transpersonal Sacred Soul Work (Human Potential & Life Transition Rituals & Ceremonies; Curanderismo, Shamanic Healing Inspired Counseling, Jungian Dream Analysis, Active Imagination, & Inner Work)
    • Ecotherapy
    • Holistic Sacred Medicine Integration Therapy
    • Kundalini Yoga Medicine & Sound/Gong Healing Therapy
    • Mindfulness Practices That Integrate Embodied Spirituality
    • Trauma & Addiction (In Recovery) Treatment
    • Spiritual & Kundalini Awakening Transformation Support

Lina Návar offers a free 30 minute in-person consultation to hear about you and what you are looking for, answer any questions you may have, and to get an idea of how you could work together. 

To book your free 30 minute in-person consultation, click here.

Meet Lina Návar:

Hello I am Lina. Thank you for reading my profile! ​My passion is to facilitate whole person healing as it is my wholehearted calling to support you. Because I have devoted many years to my own healing journey, as well as possess very specialized integrative skills, I know how to get through and move beyond difficulties that may seem insurmountable. As a Holistic Counselor, I weave together a tapestry of tools inspired by the expressive arts, somatic counseling psychology, neuropsychology, ecopsychology, transpersonal psychology, guided imagery, energy healing practices, kundalini yoga, shamanic practice, Jungian psychology, mindfulness and contemplative practices that leads to lasting healing and transformation. My approach is spiritual, heart-centered, embodied, and intuitive. In working with my clients, I recognize the importance of compassionately and mindfully addressing the physical, spiritual, psychological, and emotional components of their experience in order to have a whole person understanding of their issue. If you are ready to play an active role in your healing, wish to go beyond talk therapy, and desire to include spirituality and the body-mind connection in your personal growth work, then I may be the holistic counselor for you. I offer a free 30-minute in-person consultation to hear about you and what you are looking for, answer any questions you may have, and get an idea of how we could work together, if it’s a good fit. Contact me to book your free 30-minute in-person consultation!

For more info or to book an appointment with Lina Návar, click here.

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