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AyurvaWellness – Suparna Salunke

Location Cedar Park, Texas United States
Language: English, Hindi, Marathi, Spanish
Availability: International
Phone: 512-528-5079 Website: AyurvaWellness.com

Photo of AyurvaWellness – Suparna Salunke



Wellness is the most important aspect of our lives, being well is not just applicable for physical wellness, but it is mental and spiritual, as well.  Being well makes us lead a very fulfilling life where one not only can take care of oneself, but also become capable to take care of our loved ones, so it is a necessary part of our living to take care of ourselves.  A person is well when they are healed and healthy in totality or holistically, this involves mind, body, and soul, which are integrated together.  The key is to have a balanced approach towards health and wellness.

Ayurveda is an ancient science originated from India and it approaches wellness as a lifestyle change with the concept of creating a balance between the three doshas, namely Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha.  Doshas are shortcomings that every individual has in them.  The doshas are composed of the five elements that our universe is made up of: air, water, ether (space), earth, and fire.  Each dosha has a mix of one or more of such elements and an individual has a mix of the three doshas.  The concept of Ayurveda is to create and maintain balance in order to have a healthy life.

AyurvaWellness originated with the idea of creating a place where one can receive such services that promote a holistic healthy lifestyle based on the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga all under one roof.  We have services ranging from regular massages, such as Swedish, deep tissue, sports, Thai, prenatal, etc. to Ayurvedic massages like Shirodhara, Abhyanga, Udvarthana, and more.

Apart from offering massage we also offer wellness programs, like weight loss, stress management, Ayurvedic consultation, supplements, Yoga and meditation classes.  We also strongly believe in sharing knowledge with our community to help them understand the concepts and ideas of Ayurveda and other important topics that impact our physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.  We regularly host events and seminars in our facility where our experts talk about various related topics.

We have assembled a dedicated team of professionals who believe in holistic wellness and are committed to help our clients with their needs.  Our team includes experienced licensed massage therapists who are trained in Ayurvedic therapies, Ayurvedic practitioners who help clients with their lifestyle changes, coaching, and consulting, Yoga and meditation teachers who offer private classes, as well as family and small group classes.

Our facility is well equipped with amenities to make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.  It is a complete spa where you can get away from your daily routine.  We provide lockers, a lounge room, an infra-red sauna, and showers for our guests.

We are making a sincere effort in bringing about positive changes to our community and we believe that holistic well-being is a very important aspect.  Come join us in our quest towards holistic well-being and spread the knowledge and the spirit in pursuit of a happy and healthy life.


920 North Vista Ridge Blvd, Suite 500
Cedar Park, Texas  78613


Tue – Sat: 9:00AM – 8:00PM
Sun: 10:00AM – 6:00PM

Services Offered:

  • Ayurvedic Consultations
  • Ayurvedic Therapies: such as, Shirodhara, Abhyanga, Udvarthanam, Indian Head Massage
  • Massage Therapies
  • Skin Care
  • Waxing / Tinting
  • Yoga Classes
  • Meditation Classes
  • Wellness Programs: such as, Weight Loss and Stress Management
  • Vedic Astrology Consultations
  • Educational Events

Meet Suparna:

Suparna Salunke is the founder and owner of AyurvaWellness, a holistic wellness center in Cedar Park, Texas.  She was born and raised in Pune India, and has been residing in the US since she was 18 years old and made her home in Austin, TX.  Growing up in Pune she was always close to nature and was fond of using herbs regularly in her diet.  She had a Neem tree in the backyard of her home in India.  She created extract from the Neem leaves and consumed it on a regular basis which has kept her healthy.  She practiced Ayurvedic principles and lifestyle as part of her upbringing in Pune and she greatly missed all that in the US and wanted to share these positive practices with her family and also with the broad community in the US.

With this idea and an entrepreneurial vision, she ventured into the wellness industry with her opening of Massage Spa in North Austin.  After being in the business for over 5 years, she realized that there is a lot more to offer in terms of wellness apart form just massages and facials.  So, in 2017 she put her vision into reality by opening her first holistic wellness center in Cedar Park called AyurvaWellness.

AyurvaWellness is focused on enhancing the wellness of the community and bringing the traditional Ayurvedic treatments to the general public in the most authentic way possible.  Suparna is very dedicated and passionate, and is excited to be part of the holistic community in the Austin and central Texas area.

For more information about AyurvaWellness or to book an appointment click here.

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