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Calyx Wellness Studio – Stephanie Berry & Anneliese Wainwright

Location Austin, Texas United States
Language: English, Spanish
Availability: National
Website: CalyxAustin.com

Photo of Calyx Wellness Studio – Stephanie Berry & Anneliese Wainwright


Calyx Wellness Studio is a female owned, practitioner-led wellness center for holistic living.

We believe that wellness is an active process. We are unique because our practitioners work together in an integrative model to optimize your healing. This isn’t solo practitioners sharing an office. This is a tribe of healers sharing a vision for how your wellness and healing should happen.
When you walk through the door at Calyx, you join a community led by practitioners with over 75 combined years of clinical and holistic healing experience.

– Stephanie Berry & Anneliese Wainwright, Founders

Membership Program:

Calyx offers a membership program that makes maintaining a truly healthy & well lifestyle simple and affordable.
Join now at the introductory rate of $19/month for access to the following benefits:

  • Each month you choose up to two Support Services from our member exclusive menu for $35 each.
  • Additional offerings on the Wellness Services menu can be utilized any time for $66 each.
  • Members also enjoy 20% off of products from the herb shop, classes & workshops, and monthly specials

Wellness services offered, include: acupuncture, cupping, Chinese medicine, holistic behavioral and women’s health, botanical aromatic therapies, psychotherapy, energy medicine, herbalism, hypnotherapy, life coaching, massage therapy, craniosacral therapy, kinesiology, nutritional health coaching, spiritual counseling, astrology and tarot card reading.

Meet The Founders:

Stephanie Wainwright & Anneliese Wainwright hold a vision for healthcare that is transformed into something truly supportive of the humans it serves. Health is about feeling vital and inspired. Using your energy to grow and create your beautiful life.

Calyx was born out of the need for continuous and integrated care for the folks that Stephanie and Anneliese encountered in their respective practices. Stephanie in midwifery and women’s primary care and Anneliese in allopathic mental and behavioral health.  Their shared visions collided to become Calyx!

One person—one practitioner—can never be all things to all people. We need community and support for healing on many levels, not just the physical. Calyx fills this need. They are here as a team, and a community, to help guide and model health care to the way they envision it for the future.

Stephanie Berry – Licensed Midwife, Clinical Herbalist, Women’s Health Advocate, Mindset Junkie, Mother

Stephanie Berry is the go-to guide for women’s health and pregnancy at Calyx. She’s using herbal medicine and midwifery to change the world of health care for those of us sporting a uterus.  She’s supported over 200 women who chose to birth outside of the hospital.

Stephanie loves helping women heal from painful periods, bloating, irrational eating every month as well with simple herbal remedies and lifestyle hacks.

She realized how much power women hold when she birthed her first baby at home (with her foot on a cooler, Texas-style) with just the rock solid support of her partner. It led her to create a biz for women with women

Anneliese Wainwright – Registered Nurse, Clinical Hypnotist, Clinical Herbalist, Mother, Northern Tradition Völva

After nearly 20 years as a Registered Nurse, Anneliese (“Annee”) Wainwright has seen firsthand how herbs, hypnosis and non-ordinary states of consciousness can help clients gain insight to radically improve their physical and behavioral health. Annee particularly loves working with clients seeking support for (diagnosed or subjectively experienced) depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, self limiting beliefs and feelings of isolation and loneliness.

She is a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association and the International Association of Counselors and Therapists.

When she isn’t busy creating space at Calyx Wellness Studio for health, community and alchemy, she is exploring the mindfulness of crochet, dancing in the light of every full moon, celebrating through ritual the ancestral wisdom of nature and wrangling 2 children, 2 poodles and a workaholic partner into an ancient rattly Volvo for adventures amidst the flora and fauna of Texas.

Visit Calyx’s website for more info and to book sessions online and keep up to date with regularly hosted workshops and events!

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