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Catch A Falling Star- Renee Furlow

Location Elgin, Texas United States
Language: English
Availability: Local
Website: ReneeFurlow.blogspot.com

Photo of Catch A Falling Star- Renee Furlow

You Are A Star Worth Catching!

Catch A Falling Star’s owner, Renee Furlow, is a unique-tivity guide – here to bring out your creative and unique sides.  She is an ordained minister & a Doctor of Metaphysics – here to offer you intuitive guidance, and a certified oracle card reader & crystal specialist – here to show you a different outlook.

Renee is here to show you that YOU are worth catching!

Renee Furlow is a also a seasoned writer. Renee currently has two short eBooks available on Amazon.

Meet Renee:
Renee Furlow is a proud mom to her son and cat, a writer and poet by nature, an eclectic whimsical creator, a specialist in Earth-Based spirituality, a graphic designer, a Goddess lover, an eCourse & eBook addict, a believer in affirmations, a renegade mystic, a magic inspire-er, an essential oil collector, a quote connoisseur, a stay at home maven, a loving but tough soul, and a mixed-media art and picture aficionado.

Throughout Renee’s journey,  she has been blessed with incredible gifts and has learned some amazing lessons. Because of this, she knows that she is meant to share these blessings with everyone that she can.

For more info or to book a session with Renee click here.

To Purchase Renee’s Books on Amazon, click on the book cover(s) below.


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