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Feileacan Ministry – Izzy Swanson, CMRM

Location Austin, Texas United States
Language: English
Availability: National
Phone: 512-573-0618 Website: transformationreiki.com

Photo of Feileacan Ministry – Izzy Swanson, CMRM

Feileacan Ministry Founder Izzy Swanson, CMRM says, “My wish for every person is that they find and heal their broken pieces. It is my hope that they begin to love themselves, even the broken parts, as the whole complete beings they are meant to be.”




  • REIKI SESSION:  Izzy’s goal is to create a safe space of comfort and healing so that it is easy to trust, relax, and rest. When the physical body is comfortable the energy body will be open to receiving the nurturing support of Reiki.  For your session you will lie on a warm table, fully clothed, and covered by a blanket.  She will place her hands on your shoulders, head, and feet to channel Reiki through your body.  You may feel a sense of pushing or pulling from my hands and you may also feel like you are floating.  There will be time for discussion before and after your time on the table.Your session will vary depending on your needs.  While you are receiving Reiki you may also experience soul retrieval, cord cutting, past life healing, and various different soul healing techniques. 60 Minute Session: $75   |   90 Minute Session: $125


  • DISTANCE REIKI HEALING:  Receive the benefits of Reiki anywhere!When a Reiki practitioner is attuned to the second degree of Reiki they are taught how to send Reiki across time and space.  Using Reiki energy, the practitioner can create a connection between themselves and the person that desires healing.  This type of healing is ideal for someone who may not be able to come in person for a hands-on session. Distance healing can be given no matter how far apart the practitioner and the recipient are from each other.  During a distance healing session your experience will be similar to what you would experience in person.  You will be able to rest comfortably within your own space as you receive Reiki.  You may feel the movement of energy around you or you may transition into a state of meditation. There will be time for discussion at the beginning and end of your session.


  • DRUM JOURNEY SESSION:  In many spiritual traditions sustained rhythmic drumming is used to induce a trance-like state of awareness. In this meditative state, the  soul guide or practitioner journeys into the world of spirit to receive wisdom and guidance from their guides.  The drum journey can be used to work through emotional trauma, to visit loved ones that have passed on, and to gain insight into difficult situations in your life.  In a journey session, you and Izzy will work together in safe and sacred space.  Together you will craft a focused intention and Izzy will create a rhythmic pattern with her drum to escort you into the spirit world to communicate with your guides and hers.  The goal will be to receive insight about the course of action that is necessary to facilitate the healing that you desire.  Izzy will be with you to guide you, to guard you, and to monitor your progress through your experience.  In this session you and Izzy will be sitting together face to face and your session will vary depending on your needs.  It may include more than one journey and it may include various healing work such as soul retrieval, past life healing, cord cutting, and Reiki.  There will be time for discussion before and after the journey.  90 Minute Session: $125


  • INDIVIDUAL REIKI INSTRUCTION:  Individual Reiki instruction is personalized and self-paced. It is ideal for students that may not be able to participate in structured classes. Individual instruction focuses on helping you to understand your unique healing gifts and how to work with your own intuitive guidance. It also focuses on teaching you how to use Reiki to connect with the natural world around you to craft safe energetic practices. Please contact Izzy at 512-573-0618 or Izzy@transformationreiki.com to set up a free consultation.    Izzy also offers a six month course taught in a group setting once a year. Please visit her events page on her website for more information about the Guardian Method of Reiki Healing Course.


Meet the founder of Feileacan Ministry:


Izzy Swanson is a Certified Medical Reiki Master.  She is an ordained minister, attuned to the master level in Traditional Usui Reiki and Usui Holy Fire Reiki. She is also a Soul Guide, a priestess, and a teacher.  As a devotee of Goddess-based spirituality for 20+ years, Izzy is an active member of the Sisterhood of Avalon and founder of The Order of the Crows, a priesthood tradition honoring the Morrigan.  Izzy specializes in healing soul wounds caused by trauma, PTSD, and addiction. She frequently works with clients who have autoimmune disorders, adrenal fatigue, and other stress-related health issues.  Using Reiki energy and soul healing techniques, Izzy guides and mentors her clients as they begin to rediscover lost or broken pieces of their souls.  By creating calm, comfortable, and restful spaces, Izzy helps people feel safe as they engage in the deeper work of healing past wounds.  She considers it her sacred task to guard and protect individuals while helping them work toward becoming whole again.

As a Reiki practitioner and teacher, Izzy believes it essential to empower others to heal themselves; she provides clients and students with the necessary tools and techniques to build a daily practice of spiritual self-care.
Driven by her desire to be of service to others, Izzy offers courses in Guardian Magic, the Guardian Method of Reiki Healing, and Advanced Soul Guide Training.  She also facilitates drum journey circles and meditation groups.

Her Sacred Keys line of natural sprays, oils, and incenses supports the energetic of this soul work.  Izzy believes that with time, love, and support, our capacity for healing and transformation is truly limitless.

To book an appointment with Izzy click here.

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