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Jane The Guide – Jane Ritz

Location Charlotte, North Carolina United States
Language: English
Availability: International
Phone: 704-609-5098

Photo of Jane The Guide – Jane Ritz


Expanding the connection through a mindful heart.

Jane Ritz uses multiple modalities, including metaphysics, chakra therapy, plant and spirit medicine, and sound to support her intuitive healing practice.

She uses healing frequency music to amplify her meditations, as well as aromatherapy and personalized mantras to further the effect at home.  Her unique approach combines the esoteric and the science worlds in a way that information is easily synthesized and resonates at the core.

Jane specializes in the relationship with self and with others. She believes that we are all of the same Universal Energy and we’re all connected with the common threads of love, acceptance, compassion, and creativity.

Services Offered:

Meditation in Motion

Recover, Realign, and Redefine the focus in life without missing a step.

  • Consultation – This time is to define the goals and to see if this is a good fit.
  • Clinics These are designed for individuals or groups to grow and expand connectedness within the self and with others.  Meditation benefits the mind, body, and spirit.  I teach you how to meditate in a way that does not distract from life, but encourages your easy participation in it.  I guide you on how to meditate with a conscious  awareness so that you’re able to go about your unique daily life with more ease.  This allows you to be of most benefit to yourself and others.


  • Energy Shifting:  Meditating in motion realigns the energetic body.  This attention and intention serves for a fertile space for the physical body to thrive.
  • Thought Calming:  Meditating in motion allows the brain to function at a capacity it is designed for.  Thoughts become more calm and clear.
  • Solution Making:  Meditating in motion nurtures a peaceful thinking space for solutions to be created.
  • Peace Making:  Meditating in motion elicits a deep sense of peace within.
  • Love Pathfinding:  Meditating in motion reestablishes the connection of the Divine love within.  Love is full feeling, fulfilling, and is deserved by all.
  • Body Thriving:  Meditating in motion increases wellness in the body.  All of the systems within the body communicate and work together to create a more youthful feeling body.
  • Beam for Balancing:  Meditating in motion focuses attention on feeling balance within the body, the home, and in real life.  You, the individual become the balanced beam so your life feels more steady.
  • Time Giving:  Meditating in motion allows you to benefit from stillness without missing a beat.  This technique allows you to create the feeling of having more time in the day and throughout life.

Along with working with individuals on their healing path, Jane is also in collaboration to share the stories of the healing power of creativity.  She interviews storytellers, community leaders, creators, and healers as they share their passion and drive.

Jane also has a channel where she shares her creativity and stories of her own healing as well as how to further your process of healing.

Meet Jane:

I had been introduced to myself through yoga almost 20 years ago when I started my path of healing.  Connecting with all the parts of me that had been hurt and traumatized, I realized that I wanted to feel better.

We are capable of healing due to the contrast in which we have lived.  I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to experience my life in such a way that has allowed me to fully be the Jane that I now am, filled with love, compassion, and the awareness that we are all Divine Love at the core.  My journey of self-discovery and healing included meditation, movement, sound therapy, cognitive therapy, and chakra therapy.

I now have over 15 years experience working with people’s interpretation of Self through reflection.  My foundation in Psychology focused on health and cognitive processes, which I rounded out with studies in Earth Science and Geology.  I use energy balancing, intuitive development, and spiritual guidance to assist in the integrated awareness of the body, mind, and spirit.  My techniques facilitate an understanding of the truth the collective consciousness is stepping into.  I define healing as “facilitating a positive change in self and others”.  I introduce you to the healer you are, allowing you to be the happiest, balanced, and fulfilled superhero in your life.

For more info, or to book an appointment with Jane, click here.

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