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Monsoon Dance – Shruti Anand

Location Austin, Texas United States
Language: English
Availability: Local
Phone: 512-363-7796 Website: monsoondance.com

Photo of Monsoon Dance – Shruti Anand


Shruti Anand is the founder and owner of Monsoon Dance in Austin, Texas.  Established in 2012, Monsoon Dance is committed to high quality instruction of Yoga, Bollywood and Indian Dance forms in a fun & friendly environment for adults and children.  Their programs suit all levels of skill, fitness, interest and dance backgrounds.

The Monsoon Dance studio is proud to be the first ever studio in Austin which focuses on Yoga & Bollywood dance together.  They also teach in satellite locations in the greater Austin area. 

They offer a variety of programs and services to provide their clients and students many flexible and hassle-free options to learn and enjoy their classes. From single class passes to weekly sessions to unlimited class monthly options along with economical packages for family enrollment, you can find the program just right for you!

Monsoon Dance supports local non-profits and charitable organizations through the initiative Dance for a Cause.  Their Mayur Dance team members donate their skill and time for causes that make our world a better place; giving a purpose to their passion for dance.

They believe in bringing people, cultures, communities together with dance and yoga and they hope to continue this journey of spreading happiness and fitness forever!

Services Offered:

MonsoonFit BollyYoga Program:

They believe in Fitness of Mind, Body & Soul.  MonsoonFit BollyYoga Program offers you Bollywood Fitness classes and Yoga classes for a perfect work-out schedule for yourself every week!

Their Bollywood Fitness methods aim at burning calories and strengthening muscles.

Their Yoga classes focus on inner peace, calm, flexibility and regenerative techniques to get energized and rejuvenated.

Their Bollywood Choreography aims at making you a content, self-confident dancing soul.

This unique blend is MonsoonFit BollyYoga!

Every MonsoonFit Class strikes a great balance between Fitness and Fun at a whole new level!!  MonsoonFit BollyYoga is their proprietary brand of adult dance classes, with the goal being to create a happy soul and a happy body through dance.   Trials for adult classes are always FREE.  Try a class out and you are sure to love it!

Bollywood Choreography Sessions for Kids:

Monsoon Dance’s weekly dance classes for kids strictly follow a Monsoon Dance proprietary curriculum that is designed to truly improve the student’s dance style, cultural know-how, flexibility, balance, poise, energy, and performance.

Kid’s Bollywood dance classes are organized by class levels which are a combination of the students age & skill.

Every session focuses on a new aspect of Indian or Bollywood dance and has a choreography theme to keep the classes challenging and fun for kids.  The session is followed by a recital to present the learning (2-3 Bollywood Medleys/Songs) and advancement in that session.

Bollywood Choreography Sessions for Adults:

Weekly Bollywood Class for Adults learn creative Bollywood choreography on unique mix of music from India and around the world. Students will be encouraged to show their confidence and learning from class on stage at the student recital once during this session.

Weekly Choreography Sessions for Adults are designed to offer fun and fitness in learning new dance moves on classic and latest upbeat Bollywood songs. Dance moves range from slow and graceful to fast and energetic mixing a variety of Indian dance forms at times fused with Hip Hop and Latin dances.

They have two levels of Bollywood Choreography Sessions: Beginners & Advanced.  Join a choreography session and rock any party or any stage in town like a Bollywood star!

Wedding Choreography: 

Ready to make your first dance or reception entry a memorable experience for you and for everybody watching?  

Have your very own Bollywood dream sequence song picked out?  

Monsoon Dance can work with you on a one-on-one basis and provide instruction and choreography (Bollywood or other dance forms) suited to you and your partners skill level and needs (costume, dance floor, flavor of a certain part of South Asia.)

 Attending an Indian / Bollywood wedding and want to dedicate a special performance for the bride and groom?  Monsoon Dance has Bollywood wedding songs and choreography (kids OR adult appropriate) just right for the”Baraat” or “Sangeet” or for the actual wedding, that they can teach you or a special couple (for example, the parents of the bride), or the entire bridal couple.  Want to surprise everybody with a Bollywood Flash Mob…. They can help you put on the best show!

Birthday Party Packages for Kids or Adults: 

Add a zest of culture and fun to your next birthday party by making Monsoon Dance a part of your plans.  

They guarantee that they will make this day special and memorable for you, your family, friends and guests.  

Check out Monsoon Dance’s website to see everything that is included in their awesome party packages!


For Monsoon’s class schedule and prices click here.

At your next event get your guests grooving and learning with some Bollywood dancers or instructors!   Contact Monsoon Dance today!

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