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Oak Hill Wellness Clinic – Dr. Vinay Parameswara

Location Austin, Texas United States
Language: English
Availability: Local
Phone: 512-871-8348 Website: ConsciousMindAustin.com

Photo of Oak Hill Wellness Clinic – Dr. Vinay Parameswara

Non-Invasive, Drug-Free Treatments For Depression

Oak Hill Wellness Clinic offers a non-invasive, drug-free, pain-free, effective FDA-approved modality for treating depression in as early as 30 days.

Depression Hurts!  Oak Hill Wellness Clinic will help you EMERGE FROM DEPRESSION, so you move from barely surviving to actually thriving!

Owner and co-founder of Oak Hill Wellness Clinic, Dr. Vinay Parameswara is dedicated to supporting your unique journey towards well-being.


If your antidepressants are not working or if you want to avoid the medication rollercoaster, Oak Hill Wellness Center can help.

Do You Suffer From:

* Sleep difficulty and Insomnia      * Low Energy

* Feelings of hopelessness              * Brain Fog

* Lack of motivation                         * Sadness

* Suicidal thoughts                           * Fatigue

* Weight changes                              *Anxiety

If you’re anything like our PrTMS patients, you may be suffering from more than one of these symptoms.

Oak Hill Wellness Clinic can help you Emerge from Depression using their unique Personalized Depression Solution.

Oak Hill Wellness Clinic will work closely with your doctors, therapists, and psychiatrists while you undergo your personalized repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) therapy sessions at Oak Hill Wellness Clinic.  They have about an 80% success rate in helping people move from just surviving to thriving!

rTMS is FDA cleared for those suffering from depression symptoms who have not had a significant improvement from antidepressant medications. It is an effective, safe, gentle, non-medication, non-invasive, non-sedating office session. During the 30-minute rTMS treatment sessions, you sit in a reclined chair and an electromagnet paddle rests gently on the head. Pulse sequences, called trains, are delivered to stimulate your slow neurons. There is no pain or memory loss after the sessions. You drive back to what you were doing after their sessions. As an outpatient treatment, you attend daily treatments for 6-8 weeks. rTMS has been in testing since the 1980’s and is FDA approved for Migraines and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). We believe that this cutting edge technology will be approved for other brain related conditions. We have Personalized the rTMS therapy sessions for all age groups and for multiple brain conditions for off label use.

Like a fine musical instrument, our brains can also get out of tune. Physical or emotional trauma, illness, medications and age can all contribute to the resulting discord over time. Some traumatic events may cause a slowing in areas of the brain. This slowing can appear as depression, memory loss, diminished executive functioning and dementia. Other areas may be moving too fast, as often seen in post traumatic stress (PTSD), anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and the autism spectrum. Imagine a marching band where different sections are playing in different times. Just as that can be uncomfortable to hear, we experience a similar discomfort when our brains are playing different tunes. To help our brains get back in tune, Oak Hill Wellness Clinic has a comprehensive and Personalized repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy (rTMS) program.  – Oak Hill Wellness Clinic

To see if OHWC’s Personalized Solution for Depression is right for you, click here for a Free Telephone Consultation.

Meet Dr. Vinay Parameswara:

There is a depression epidemic in our country. Every 30 seconds someone in the US tries to commit suicide. And too many succeed.

Once you enter into conventional mental health treatment facility the options are very restrictive and can result in permanent damage to your brain. In addition, there is a stigma that follows you once you’ve been labeled as mentally ill.

It’s not surprising that many find it hard to go on living.

But that needs to change.

I’m on a mission to transform how mentally ill patients are treated and help them find a way back to living life on their terms without the medication roller coaster ride that seems to be the only option for so many.

Fortunately, I’ve met Dr. Kevin Murphy, MD the developer and founder of Personalized TMS. And together we have enhanced the lives of thousands of Americans struggling with depression. I hope we can help you too.  – Dr. Vinay Parameswara

Dr. Parameswara’s Accomplishments:

  • Masters in Public Health (with a focus on health management and policy )
  • Doctorate Degree in Molecular Biology
  • Medical Doctorate in Internal Medicine
  • Diplomate of American Board of Obesity Medicine

For more info about Dr. Vinay Parameswara and Oak Hill Wellness Clinic, or to book an appointment, click here.

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