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Radiant Expansion – Carolina Perez, RYT

Location Leander, Texas United States
Language: English, Spanish
Availability: International
Phone: 512-577-3999 Website: RadiantExpansion.net

Photo of Radiant Expansion – Carolina Perez, RYT


Imagine living a life full of radiant expansion…

  • free of your old self-definitions

  • free of trauma

  • free of self-imposed limits

Now imagine a world full of people acting, thinking and feeling radiant expansion!

Carolina can guide you to a life of radiant expansion.

Carolina specializes in mentoring others to become healers in their personal and professional life.  Her work can transform your life and bring a new set of tools for your own practice.

Services Offered (Available in English or Spanish):

Fire Heart Yoga – An 80 minute transformational yoga class.

Bring fire and happiness to your life with this yoga class designed for everyone from beginners to advanced students.  Get to know your power to create and destroy  Breathing and healing energy meditation.

Energy Budget – A monthly life & energy coaching program.

  • Change your perspective in life
  • Reclaim a new self-image
  • Increase your capacity to receive abundance and prosperity

Energy Budgets for accessing abundance in health, love, passion, and prosperity. Auditing your energy investments in life will allow you to create a return on investment from your actions, thoughts and words. You will learn how to identify the risks, strengths, and opportunities for improvement in your life. This is a monthly program including 3 sessions that allow you to update your conversation with life.  You and Carolina will create an appraisal of your energy investments in life to understand the adequacy and effectiveness of your internal controls.

Reiki Radiant Expansion – Healing training class for individuals or groups.

Radiant Expansion Healing allows your energy to flow and speeds up the natural healing process of human beings. When you receive it, you reconnect with the source of energy in Life. With repetition, you begin to heal at all levels of your being: emotional, physical, mental and energetic. Healing is finding peace in the middle of any chaos to allow more and resist less.

Class Includes:

  • 3 hours Mini Retreat in-person or online
  • Class Manual
  • 21 Day Practical Guide (digital versions)
  • Certificate of Level 1 or 2
  • 1 follow-up call (within a period of no more than two months)

Auto-Expansion Guide

Master of Sabotage – 3 hour mini retreat in-person or online.

Experience the freedom of using your true voice in life; allowing yourself to release trauma and outdated self-definitions.  Experience your unique combination of healing energy, yoga & NLP.

Call Your Spirit Back – 3 hour mini retreat in-person or online.

This is the most powerful 3-hour retreat to get clear on your state of mind, gain confidence based on who you are now (not before or who you will have to become to achieve your goals,) and feel really certain about what are the next steps you must take to bring abundance into your life.

You will finally release energy anchors; disempower anxiety and heal depression.  Be free to create a bright shining present, here and now!

Life is a fiesta and you are invited!

Arrive to a feast of abundance and prosperity!

Meet Carolina:

Carolina Perez is an artist and writer, in love with her “now”, is the laughing mom of a 9yr old renaissance boy, is the sexy queen bee of her home with her son Franek and life partner Geo [who thinks she is the bomb and she is not correcting him anytime soon].

Born in Puerto Rico to Cuban exile parents, she is also an International Certified NLP Life Coach, Trauma Release Coach, Time-line Coach, Hypnosis Practitioner, Master Reiki, Pranic Healer and ULC Ordained Minister.  Carolina has a BA in Spanish, Master’s in Translation and loves writing and speaking in public about healing and coaching.

In wellness, her first job was in a Pain Management Clinic in Puerto Rico, for the anesthesiologist who other doctors seek to deal with their own pain.  This was a beautiful full circle since this doctor was her own acute pain doctor many years ago, who inspired her to look for other answers.  Her work as the in-house NLP Life Coach, Reiki Master and Pranic Healer allowed her to work with the emotional root of pain and the intensifying effect of fear over pain.  She worked with long time pain patients and stem-cell treatments.

She has worked with psychologists, doctors, stem cell labs, athletes and other life coaches and healers. Still, working with mothers and children (9-19) is the real reason she started her coaching practice.  Carolina teaches Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP techniques and Reiki classes.  Carolina has walked a very long road, experiencing struggle, and today “she is still standing” and feeling passionate about teaching you a thing or two about how to walk and not freeze in life.

For more info or to book an appointment with Carolina click here.

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