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SMILES in Life Foundation – Vishal Sharma

Location Ahmedabad, Gujarat India
Language: English, Hindi, Punjabi
Availability: International
Phone: (+91) 8154967626 Website: SmilesInLife.org

Photo of SMILES in Life Foundation – Vishal Sharma


SMILES in Life Foundation is a global social initiative to bring SMILES in everyone’s life by promoting physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being.

SMILES in Life Foundation uses Positive Psychology, Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness techniques in their “SMILES Model of Well-Being” to help others enjoy a stress free, healthy, and compassionate way of learning, working, and living.

SMILES in Life Foundation is a Non-Government, Not for Profit, global social initiative to promote physical, mental and emotional well-being for everyone; be it students, educators, home-makers, or other professionals.

SMILES stands for Stressfree Motivating Inquisitive Learning Eco System.

“SMILES in Life” program integrates short & easy well-being techniques with daily routine to relax our body, get peace of mind, and happiness of heart. It generates an intrinsic motivation to enjoy a stress free, healthy, and compassionate way of learning, and working.



    (For everyone – young or old)
    Just give 3 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the night for 21 days to program your mind for improved well-being & quality of life. Contact them for a Free Beginner’s Webinar!


    Group workshops/webinars for professionals both online and in-person to integrate mindfulness and well-being techniques with their work and personal life. This improves individual well-being and develops a healthy and compassionate work culture resulting in improved productivity, and talent retention.


    This program is designed to address the core problem areas in our education system like the lack of teacher motivation & creativity, reduced student involvement & concentration, as well as, social and emotional issues like peer pressure, exam stress, bullying, depression etc. Using positive psychology and mindfulness, SMILES program transforms our classrooms into recharging stations for joy, harmony, creativity, and camaraderie using 21st century skills as well as life-skills most needed in real life. They not only make students enjoy their learning but also change teachers’ mind-sets to start enjoying their teaching by rekindling their creativity and intrinsic motivation to teach.

    • Having expanded to 7 countries in the last two years, they are now opening their program to more schools to create a positive learning ecosystem where the students, parents, teachers and the schools will become pillars of support of learning and practicing the positive pedagogical skills and wellbeing techniques for more joyful, creative and stress-free self-motivated learning.
    • To reach out to more schools in less time, they have developed an accelerated and gift economy (pay if you wish) version of “SMILES in Education” program where they will conduct three “SMILES workshops” for all of your grade 1-8 teachers, followed by teacher “Wellbeing Counseling” sessions to identify and groom up to Five “SMILES ambassadors within your teachers who can role-model and support the rest of the teachers. They also help foster/encourage innovations & creative ideas within your school and give them global exposure through the Finland based NGO organization “HundrED”.
    • Based on time availability & interest, they also conduct SMILES workshops/webinars for positive parenting as well as for students of higher classes on improving memory and recalling power, writing Stress Free exams, Bullying Prevention, Career Counseling, and Global Citizenship.

SMILES in Life Foundation is very pleased to announce that our Flagship program for schools called “SMILES in Education” has been selected for the second year among the “Top Global 100 Innovations in Education” at the Innovation Summit held on Nov 6-8, 2019 in Helsinki, Finland.

Meet Vishal Sharma:

Vishal Sharma is a passionate educationist, well-being consultant, and a positive lifestyle coach with a demonstrated history of making a visible impact in people’s lives across the globe. He is a certified Yoga and Mindfulness Trainer. Having finished his Masters in Engineering from BITS Pilani, he spent several years as Computer Engineer working for Intel Corp. in the USA but then he listened to his inner calling and returned to India to do some good for the society. He realized the need for including well-being and real life-skills as an essential part of our education, so he started working as a freelance educational consultant and then a fellow-teacher with “Teach For India,” for researching and practicing how to integrate holistic well-being into every aspect of teaching, learning and working.

As a Master Teacher Trainer, he has trained several teachers, school leaders and principals for mindfulness & well-being integrated pedagogical skills. He conducts workshops, webinars and seminars on stress free learning and joyful teaching for students, teachers, parents, and professionals across the globe. One of his innovations, called “SMILES in Education” has been recognized as one of the “Global Top 100 Innovations in Education” for 2019 & 2020 by a Finland based organization HundrED. This innovation integrates mindfulness & positive psychology based short and easy techniques in classrooms for inculcating life-skills like resilience, empathy, discernment, & will-power for both teachers and students.

Vishal is the founder of a non-profit organization in education and well-being called SMILES in Life Foundation. It’s a global social initiative to bring SMILES in everyone’s life by promoting physical, mental, emotional and social well-being. It has developed a “SMILES Model of Well-being” to enjoy stress free, healthy and compassionate way of learning, working and living. Vishal loves to travel, meet new people and bring smiles to their faces.

For more information about the SMILES in Life Foundation programs, click here.

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