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UnWind the Soul – Juliet Butters Doty

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What does it mean to “Unwind the Soul?”
Simply put, Juliet Butters Doty functions as a Soul Whisperer by taking you through an energetic process that relieves the causes of stress within you. To feel your inner being more able to harness your Spiritual Posture, your True North, and drive with your Divine GPS within…thereby allowing deeper connection to the heart.

 I am gifted with the privilege to work the PATHWAY FOR THE SOUL, enabling the Soul to become Free.

I bring a direct and very grounded approach to the revealing of the Soul. I align, ground and create greater access to the Core…..redefining and freeing up your innate SPIRITUAL POSTURE within. Enabling you with the inner authority to direct your life.

Invigorating renewed strength into the very foundation of Being.

Utilizing the Power of the Spoken Word and working with very fine, highly intelligent, and gentle energies, I work SAFELY. I translate & seamlessly decode the language of light, assisting the soul along the spiritual birth canal, freeing your inner being. Assisting The FLAME IN THE HEART to burn with greater vigor.  – Juliet

Services Offered:

UnWind the Soul Healing (In Person) – Juliet uses clear psychic vision. She works with the Highest Frequencies of Love & with the Lords’ & Masters’ of the Highest degree.  Juliet works with the many bodies & systems, such as: the Auric Field, the Etheric, Causal, Mental & Emotional Bodies. She utilizes & taps into your Guides and Angels, & the Higher Self & OverSoul.

She also draws upon her skills in Streamlining Attunement and Alignment, Retrieval of Soul Fragmentation, Chakra Balancing & Polarity Work, DNA Activation, Shen, the list is endless.  With her access to the Akashic Records, the Bardo Realms and the many planes, dimensions & galaxies, allows for a seamless, clear & thorough Healing.

Long Distance Soul Healing (Via Skype) – This service is the same as the UnWind the Soul Healing except it is via Skype rather than in-person.

Evolutionary Astrology Reading – Chart Readings, Transits & Progressions. Another great tool to see what a Soul has come in with, what lessons are they working on, where are the skipped steps if any.

For more information about the UnWind the Soul Healing, EA Astrology Reading or to book a 30-minute free session with Juliet to discuss further click here.

Soul Mastery School – Mentoring designed to catalyze YOU into your greatness, power and abundant nature. Working with the deepest Wisdom Teachings of the Ages, students are empowered into Soul Purpose and Mastery.

In the ancient world, a Mystery School was a training ground for the Deep Mysteries of the Ages.  There were and still are, many layers and levels of understandings for those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear and, more to the point, with the heart to feel. Priests & priestesses alike were trained in multiple skills according to their nature and adept gifts.  Each step required great tests, endurance, and a readiness to relinquish the ‘limited self, lower self’ in order to accomplish the depth and expansion required.

In our modern times, we are looking at similar principles. We are often dealing with extremely sabotaging patterns, fears and traumas, from ‘another-past time’, that tends to thwart our happiness and success at every turn in the NOW, and in numerous areas of our lives simultaneously. The SMS Mentoring can teach you to recognize, clear those patterns, galvanizing you into your greatness.

For more information about the Soul Mastery School or to book a 30-minute free session with Juliet to discuss further click here.

Click here to enjoy Juliet’s meditations on YouTube.  She has 29 guided journey meditations which range from 23 minutes to just over an hour long.

Meet Juliet:

Juliet Butters Doty has been passionately involved in the healing arts for the past 28 years. A sensitive healer and mentor, she has carved deeply within herself releasing karmic patterns, cleared multitudes of cellular memories/issues/cords/contracts … truly the list is endless … and has given herself fully to the evolution of her soul in order to know freedom and great love.

Juliet is dedicated to Mastery of the Soul. Clients drawn to work with her are on a path of self-growth, ready to step out of the maze & old patterns and seek Healing and/or mentorship.

Juliet spent ten rigorous years studying and practicing mystery school arts in Australia, where she committed to freeing the soul through dedicated practices, great personal sacrifices and deep surrender. She knows well the level of commitment and dedication it takes to relinquish what keeps one’s soul from thriving. She mastered multiple healing modalities and broadened her mystical understanding during that time.

“My gift for UnWinding the Soul is founded on this privileged training. We all have the ability to unravel and return to full communion, reclaim our rightful sovereignty and freedom. Revealing the innate bedrock of our heart’s Core to reign again, revealing the gifts of the soul.”

Juliet has literally given thousands of healings over the years and is adept with piercing sight to see, feel and hear the needs of each individual. She sees the issues that hold, the cords binding & thought forms confining that person back from expansion, and provides structure for individual growth by offering specific, unique homework and practices to exercise the muscles left exposed & vulnerable.

Throughout her life Juliet has traveled, lived, worked & played internationally. She restores herself in nature through swimming, hiking and walking her dog on the beach and in the forest. Juliet currently resides in Hawaii with her husband, their dog, and her son close by.

For more information about Juliet and the services she offers click here.

To learn about the products that Juliet offers, visit UnWind the Soul’s Product Directory listing.

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