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What’s on your mind?  Feeling anxious?  It’s because you are thinking thoughts that stir your anxiety.  Feeling overwhelmed?  It’s because you are thinking thoughts that create the sensation of overwhelm.  Feeling angry or frustrated? It’s not because of something someone did – it’s your thoughts about what they did that are making you irritated.

Our thoughts dominate our entire lives.  Our thoughts demonstrate how we feel about ourselves; how we feel about others.  These thoughts, which formed at a very early age, define our belief system and have written the story of how we see the world.  Certain thoughts will repeat over and over again, induce specific emotions and those emotions will drive your actions.  Those actions, driven from your emotions, will create your results in life.  But, it all starts with your thoughts.  If you can learn to manage your thoughts, you can learn to overcome anxiety and overwhelm.  You can learn to fully love yourself and be accepting of others.

But first, you MUST know how to manage your thoughts.  In order to let go of false beliefs, we have to practice observing our thoughts and recognize when we are acting on old stories about our worth. By repeatedly choosing not to get caught up in the old stories, we can begin to experience the world in a new way.

You don’t just tell yourself to STOP having negative thoughts; because then you are thinking about STOPPING negative thoughts!

You don’t go to the gym once and suddenly you’re in the best shape of your life (wouldn’t that be nice?). No, you commit to going often and you do it over and over.

The same goes for our thoughts. The more we work toward mindfulness and self-kindness, the quicker we will default to it. When you catch yourself having a negative thought, recognize that you don’t have to get attached to it and choose to let it pass.  This in turn will create a new resulting emotion that supports you in taking more self-honoring actions.

When I coach my clients we explore and uncover those deeply seeded false beliefs (thoughts) and we begin to write a new story, one that supports them in being, doing and having the life they’ve always longed for.

If you were able to manage your thoughts and write that new story, how could that change your life?

I can teach you.

In peace & wellness,


Patricia Joy, MA established her private practice, Time For Joy Life Coaching, in 1995.  With 20+ years of experience, she is dedicated to assisting her clients in experiencing relief from the emotional and physical pain they are holding in their bodies, so they may find more peace and joy in their lives.  Patricia received a Masters in Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.  She is a Certified Life Coach (ICF), Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT) and is Nationally Certified as a Neuromuscular Therapist.  She is the founder of Serve it Forward, a program that provides shelter items and food for the homeless in the Las Vegas, Nevada area.  She welcomes the opportunity to work with you and support you in living a more peaceful, pain-free and joy filled life.

For more info about Patricia Joy and the services she offers click here.

  • Laura

    That’s great insight! I found that slow and steady breathing always helps with my racing thoughts. That’s why I chose to do yoga in the first place 🙂
    But it’s always tough inner work (even though sometimes it doesn’t look like it from the outside).

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