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When you hear someone say the word Witch, what does that mean to you?

EEEEKKK!!! Run away, she’s EVIL! 

What feelings do you get with that word?  Do you get an image of an old wrinkly woman with a wart on her nose?  Or maybe it even frightens you, gives you a bad feeling.

We are not the old witches that you see in the movies, in horror films or even Disney Characters.  Society wants you to believe that but let’s set the story straight. We are everyday family women, CEO’s, business women, PTA Moms, & your neighbors.

Witches are healers, magickal creatrix, earth loving beings, nurturers, celebrate the changing of the season, & unapologetic.  We use divination tools, incense, sacred space, & crystals to connect with the Great Divine.

Now, that doesn’t sound so scary does it?

So now you’re probably thinking, ooohhh…Tarot, Crystals, Incense….I love all of these!!!  

Does that make me a Witch?  Well my sister, you could very well be a Witch.

There are many different types of Witches.  Kitchen Witches, (who doesn’t like a hearty stew) Green Witches, Solitary, Shaman, Sea Witch, Eclectic Witch (that’s what I am), Granny/Appalachian Witch, etc.  The list goes on & on.

Does any of the above resonate with you?  If so, start connecting with the ones that is speaking to you & your soul.  If the Sea Witch is calling to you, start collecting some sea shells, sit quietly on the shore & listen the water speak to you.  If you’re a Goddess in the Kitchen, start looking at how everyday kitchen herbs can heal and protect your loved ones.  Find out why stirring the pot of stew is so important.

When you dive into the studies of being a Witch, you’ll be surprised how Witchy you truly are!!  So today’s the day!!  Start doing something Witchy in your life!

Brightest Blessings,

Madame Zee



Madame Zee is a world traveling, knowledge seeking, Mother Earth lovin’, Spirit honoring, crystal hoarder, professional tarot consultant and educator.  She is a person who lives her life through connecting with Mother Earth & she lives her daily life through Spirit.

She has been fascinated with divination & tarot since as long as she can remember. Ever since her very first tarot reading when she was a teenager, she has been intrigued with the insights and the accuracy of it all.

She has a background in reading runes, using pendulums, and other forms of divination but tarot is her true love.  Whenever she has been stuck in life or needed some insight, tarot has always been there for her, showing her the way.

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